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Don’t be surprised if your dentist asks you about snoring, sleep disorders, or sleep apnea, because they are not just sleeping issues. They can signify a major health risk.

Treatments for Sleep Disordered Breathing

Dr. Haugstad and the staff at Library Park Dental have undergone additional training and are now partnering with your physicians in order to help treat a variety of sleep disorders. Some people need to be treated with a CPAP machine, but many others are able to be treated with an individualized oral appliance that is similar to a mouthguard.

How Is This Diagnosed?

The dentists at Library Park Dental can partner with your private medical doctor or with a specialist who consults with us, to prescribe a sleep study you can take in the privacy of your own home. That study will determine how many times you have stopped breathing and also tracks your oxygen saturation rate. Based on the results of the study the doctors will explain your treatment options. Depending on your individual insurance requirements, you may also participate in a sleep study at a local clinic or hospital.

What Can I Use Besides a CPAP?

Treatment with a CPAP machine is the gold standard, but many people cannot wear the mask for some reason. In that case, an individualized oral appliance would be a good second choice. For those people whose disordered breathing has not progressed to sleep apnea, an oral appliance may also be a good treatment choice.

In order to create this individualized oral appliance, Dr. Haugstad and the staff at Library Park Dental will test your upper airway by using a state of the art acoustic signal technology. This diagnostic system is used as an objective assessment. The acoustic pharyngometer is able to provide a graphical representation of airflow. It measures the dimensions of the airway through the oral cavity and 25cm down the pharynx. The technique is minimally invasive and results are available in real-time. You will be able to see the graphs showing the site and severity of airway obstruction as well as changes that occur in airway tissues as a result of mandibular (jaw) advancement or other treatments.

Based on the information from the test, an individualized oral appliance will then be made for you to wear at night. Follow up reporting and testing has shown that people snore less, have fewer headaches, and have a more restful sleep.

To make an appointment for a sleep appliance consultation today, call Library Park Dental!

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