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Patient Information for Our Kenosha, WI Clients

Library Park Dental proudly serves the dental needs of our Kenosha, WI residents by including patient information that’s available anytime on this page. To ensure your best oral health and smooth operation for both patients and our practice, we ask that you review the content below. You’ll find helpful information about scheduling appointments and post-operation instructions.

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Details About Appointments

To set up an appointment for dental care, please call or email Library Park Dental. We ask that you respect our time just as we respect yours by arriving for your appointment on time. If circumstances prevent you from keeping your appointment and you need to reschedule, we ask that you call us with at least two days’ advance notice.

Instructions for Post-Op Care

It’s understandable if you’ve forgotten the instructions we provided, or you have questions following a procedure. To ensure you get the answers you need, we’ve included a collection of helpful resources for certain treatments. Please choose the option below that most accurately describes your procedure and click on the link for a detailed list of instructions.

Extraction  |  Root Canal  |  Implant

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