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Dental hygienists help patients

Last month we introduced you to the amazing dental assistants at Library Park Dental. Now it’s time to introduce you to our dental hygienists. At Library Park Dental we have some wonderful dental hygienists and we’d like to publicly thank them for the work that they do.

Sue has been working with us at Library Park Dental since 1982. She is married to Dr. Chip and is responsible for all the beautiful decorations in the office. She appreciates the flexible schedule she has at Library Park Dental since she is often helping with one of her 13 grandchildren. Sue is a periodontal therapist and specializes in helping people prevent gum disease.

Trish has been with Library Park Dental since 1991. She loves her co-workers at Library Park Dental and the ability to be actively involved in her kids’ schools. She is a sports fan and enjoys spending time with family. She is a periodontal therapist, is certified in anesthesia, and likes to help her patients prevent dental issues.

Renee has been a dental hygienist at Library Park Dental for over 20 years. She values the team atmosphere amongst her co-workers, and the way they all work together to help our patients. Outside of work she enjoys golfing, bowling, and traveling with her husband. She is a periodontal therapist, a sealant specialist, a prevention specialist, and is certified in anesthesia.

Lisa has been a hygienist at Library Park for 20 years. She enjoys the atmosphere at Library Park Dental and interacting with her patients. She is very involved with her family and grandchildren and works with horses. She is a periodontal therapist, a prevention specialist, and likes explaining to people how they can improve their oral health.

The role of a dental hygienist is varied – and is very important! From taking medical histories (which may indicate susceptibility to various conditions) or x-rays to ascertain the health of your teeth, your dental hygienist is working to help the doctor create a picture of your oral health. At our office, she will clean your teeth and help you to understand how you can best care for your teeth. She may apply sealants, fluoride, or a de-sensitizing agent on recessed areas of your teeth. And she can answer your questions about a wide variety of issues pertaining to your oral health.

Thank you to our dental hygienists for all the work you do to make our patients’ experiences so much better!

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