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Do you want to whiten your teeth so that you look beautiful for Valentine’s Day? We have a special for you! During the month of February, you can have a custom whitening tray created and get 3 syringes of professional whitening gel for only $100.

The custom tray helps to keep the whitening solution on the teeth during the bleaching process, while also protecting your gum tissues from the gel. The gel used with custom trays has a higher concentration than solutions that can be purchased over the counter. This means that you save time and money by not having to buy and use more products.

If you are interested in whitening your teeth, it is best to check with your dentist before attempting to bleach your teeth to find out which products would be best for you. Contact Dr. Chiappetta or Dr. Haugstad today to find out more about creating a custom whitening tray for you.

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