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Before & after image of clear aligners

At Library Park Dental we can help to straighten your teeth with removable and transparent aligners that allow you to discreetly improve your smile. Smiles are not just cosmetic; there are real health benefits to having properly aligned teeth. Poor alignment can lead to wearing away of the tooth enamel and problems with spacing can even lead to periodontal disease. When bacteria get into the space between the tooth and the gum, redness, and swelling develop. This not only leads to tooth decay but also to bacteria entering your bloodstream which can cause major health issues. Improper alignment can also lead to jaw problems like TMJ. Fixing your bite can improve all those situations.

How do ClearCorrect Aligners Work?

After talking with Dr. Haugstad, initial photos, scans and impressions will be made. Calculations are made to determine what should be done to gradually and carefully move teeth to the optimal location. A series of transparent aligners will be created here in America just for you. Each aligner is customized to apply pressure on the specific teeth that need to be moved in the proper order.

Your aligners must be worn for at least 22 hours per day. They are removable so that you can eat easily and have full access to brush and floss your teeth. You will progress through individualized treatment, wearing each aligner for approximately 2-3 weeks. The actual length of treatment depends on each particular situation.

What Is the Difference Between Conventional Braces and Clearcorrect Aligners?

Clear aligners are transparent, so they are much less noticeable than traditional metal brackets and wires. Because the aligners are removable, you are able to eat what you want, and you also can remove the aligners if you need to for a special occasion. Your oral health is improved since you are able to remove the aligner allowing for full access to brush and floss.

The transparent aligners are able to treat gaps between teeth, overcrowding (crooked teeth), and overbites, underbites, and open bites. Conventional braces are sometimes needed for other severe jaw issues or extremely severe overcrowding. Your dentist will help you understand if you are a candidate for clear aligners or if you need more traditional orthodontic treatment.

Traditional braces can irritate the soft tissues in your mouth. The clear aligners are thin and smoothly fit your teeth so that your lips and gums are not irritated.

Can’t I Just Order These Types of Aligners Online?

There are many places online where you can order plastic aligners, but the results aren’t always good, and many times they create bigger problems. At the time of this post, one company has only a 57% approval rating.

Why Is That?

Impressions are harder to take than they seem. We know you don’t like having impressions taken, but each time we take them, they are inspected by at least two professionals before we create models, and then we send both the models and the impressions to the lab. As the impression materials dry, they can sometimes warp slightly. Pouring specialized models from your impressions makes sure that we get an accurate starting point for your treatment.

There’s no oversight from a professional. At each point along the way, Dr. Haugstad will inspect your progress and make sure that your teeth are responding appropriately. Simply following a one size fits all schedule does not take into account your individual situation or how your mouth is responding to treatment.

Bite issues can develop if teeth are moved too forcefully, too quickly, or without oversight. People who have used online ordering have ended up having to take the companies to court (often winning) and then had to pay for more work in order to fix bite problems.

Dr. Haugstad and your team at Library Park Dental want you to know that if you are not happy with your smile that we can help! Contact us today to set up a consultation and find out how we can provide affordable treatment so you are happy with your smile.

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